About Sophie Areli


Sophie Areli trains, develops, and positions Christian women to be confident about presenting their greatness to audiences online!

She helps women do this by:
* Creating their professional business websites
* Developing their online marketing campaigns
* Directing them in social media makeovers
* Cultivating their speaking skills and teaching them how to market their brands through pre-recorded videos, live videos, or podcasts

Around the clock, Sophie Areli is a Christian wife and mother to the world's most amazing super heroes!

Sophie Areli is a Speaker, Video Producer, and Online Business Branding Coach for Christian women

In Sophie's spare time, she is a Renaissance woman with the following titles under her belt:

Educational and Motivational Speaker

Livestream and Podcast Host

Personal Branding Director For Women In Business and Leadership Roles

Website Designer For Small Businesses & Leading Ladies In The Public Eye Or In Business

You can work with Sophie to bring the IT FACTOR of your brand to the forefront by scheduling time for a complimentary consultation on her calendar.



Sophie Areli is a Speaker, Video Producer, and Online Business Branding Coach for Christian women
Sophie Areli is an Educational and Motivational Speaker, Host, and Personal Branding Coach For Women In Leadership
Sophie Areli is a Speaker, Video Producer, and Online Business Educator for Christian women
Sophie Areli is a Speaker, Video Producer, and Online Business Educator for Christian women


Sophie rapping

With a Christian performer's background, I've spoken to thousands of people - both young and old - on stage - and over the span of years - through music.

I have also advised spiritually minded mothers and preteens - inside and outside of their homes.

Speaking to women on stage and off stage is something I'm very familiar with.

And, all that experience has made me EXTREMELY comfortable in front of audiences and cameras!


Having been in front of the camera as a performer and behind the camera as a photographer, I have an eye and mind for what makes people visually stand out!

I've been gifted with the ability to uncover your strong suits and to present your strengths to others beautifully through a personalized business website and a polished online presence makeover.

My experience is not limited to creativity.

I spent years in Corporate America.  I worked at Rockefeller Center in a Christian based property management company.

I also worked for years at one of the top law firms in America (Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP).

The backstory for that is this: I entered Corporate American after being homeless.

I read an online ad, borrowed $200 from my mom, and enrolled in a nonprofit training school called Grace Institute.


Determined to better myself, I did really well at that non-profit vocational school.

Because of my success at the school, Grace Institute put me and my daughter in one their first commercials on TV.

The video for this commercial opens up with a much younger version of myself riding the train in New York City.  Oh, and my sweet daughter makes an appearance too!  Look how young she was.  I was nervous in front of that professional video camera - BUT HEY - I DID GREAT!

A screenshot of me and my daughter from Grace Institute's old commercial.

To add to my experience, I started a livestream and iTunes podcast show designed to help women in business and in leadership roles learn how to build their brands online.

I believe my video trainings and podcast episodes can help women all over the world elevate themselves online and bring in multiple streams of income.

Wow, I’ve been impressed with you since I “discovered” you from one of your Facebook Group posts! So open, genuine…refreshing..and inspirational. Keep on doing what you’re doing!!! It makes a difference in women’s lives.
Silvia Valdman
Silvia Valdman
Canadian Immigration Lawyer And Career Coach

All and all, I am a Renaissance woman of many talents!

I've lived a life full of lessons and I'm ready to deliver those lessons to your audience.

If you would like to work with me or contact me, please click on the green contact button of your choice.