You’re an entrepreneur who’s just starting out: CHARGE WHAT YOU’RE WORTH!


“You’re an entrepreneur who’s just starting out: CHARGE WHAT YOU’RE WORTH!”
A Christian money mindset episode

In this episode you will learn how to get out of the habit of selling yourself short in your business in terms of your prices.


a Renaissance woman with the following titles under my belt:
Educational & Motivational Speaker
Livestream & Podcast Host
Personal Branding Coach For Women
Website Designer For Leading Ladies in Corporate America, In Business, In The Public Eye, Or In Entrepreneurship

YOU ARE the poster child of your own brand.
You are your own IT factor.

From your new beautiful and personalized website to your confident delivery of live stream videos and/or podcast episodes, it’s my job to help your audience see your IT factor in everything you present online.

My exclusive branding packages for leading ladies are designed to train, develop, and position you to be influential in your field online.

Working with me will require you to push yourself to be seen and heard online.
If you’re ready for a rigorous transformation of your brand – then you’ve found the right Sister to work with.

I offer the following services in my VIP Brand Development Packages:
Professional Website For Your Brand
Personalized Coaching Calls
Podcast Recording Sessions and Livestream Training
Personalized Online Marketing Campaign For Your Brand
Social Media Makeover

You can schedule time to work with me here:

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